Project Management Services - RFQ

Standing Rock, ND

SAGE Development Authority Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Project Management Services 

235 MW Wind Farm - Development Stage

RFQ released: 8/17/2023 

Deadline for Questions: 8/31/2023 

Deadline for Quotes: 5:00 PM CT 9/15/2023

The Opportunity 

This RFQ is issued by SAGE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, referred to below as “the Buyer” or “we” or “us”. 

SAGE Development Authority (SAGE) is developing a 235 MW wind farm, Anpetu Wi, on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation in North Dakota. 

The SAGE Development Authority (SAGE), a 100% Native-Led organization, is dedicated to community development, institution-building, and self-determination for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. SAGE exists to ensure energy independence, protect the environment, and promote economic growth in the region, for the Tribe. Located in a high wind potential region in North Dakota, SAGE’s inaugural project, the Anpetu Wi Wind Project, will deliver 235MW of clean energy, create jobs for Tribal members, and spark economic growth in the region. 

SAGE is seeking professional services of a qualified project development manager or project management firm to oversee and support the day-to-day project development and management activities of Anpetu Wi. The expected timeline for the project will be 6 months from the contract date, with an option for SAGE to renew. 

Attached to this RFQ is a Project Status Update. Further information regarding the status of the project or background information is available upon request. 

This work is funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration Indigenous Communities Program. The Indigenous Communities Program allocated $100 million in American Rescue Plan funding specifically to support the needs of Tribal governments and Indigenous communities. 

Key Information 

Our timeline 

Deadline for Questions from Respondents: 

5:00 PM CT 8/31/2023 

Deadline for us to answer questions: 


Deadline for Quotes: 

5:00 PM CT 09/15/2023 

Expected start date of Contract: 


How to contact us 

Contact us through our Points of Contact via email:

  • Joseph McNeil Jr. General Manager, Email: 
  • Petrika Peters, SAGE Development Authority Coordinator, Email: 
Developing and submitting your Quote 
  1. Take time to read and understand the RFQ. 
  2. Take time to understand our Requirements. These are in Section 2 of this document. 
  3. Take time to understand how your Quote will be evaluated. See Section 3 of this document. 
  4. If you have any questions, ask our Point of Contacts (see above) before the deadline for questions. 
  5. Check you have provided all the necessary information in the correct format and order. 
  6. Submit your quote before the deadline for quotes. 

Address for submitting your Quote 

Please submit all questions and responses via email in printable document format (PDF) form to the following with subject line “SAGE RFQ for Appraisal Services – [Enter Your Business Name Here]” 

Email contacts for submission: & 

Make sure you include all attachments and reference material. 

RFQ Terms 
  • Offer Validity Period: By submitting a Quote, the Respondent agrees that their offer will remain open for two calendar months from the Deadline for Quotes. 
  • The RFQ is subject to the RFQ Terms. 
  • This RFQ represents only a definition of requirements. It is merely an invitation for submission of proposals and does not legally obligate SAGE Development Authority to accept any of the submitted proposals in whole or in part, nor is SAGE Development Authority obligated to select the lowest priced proposal. SAGE Development Authority reserves the right to negotiate with any or all firms, both with respect to price, cost and/or scope of services. 
  • SAGE Development Authority has no contractual obligations with any firms based upon issuance of this RFQ. It is not an offer to contract. Only the execution of a written contract shall obligate SAGE Development Authority in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in such contract. 

Later changes to the RFQ or RFQ process 

After publishing the RFQ, if we need to change anything or provide additional information, we will let all Respondents know by contacting Respondents by email. 

Our Requirements 

Scope of Work 

This request for quotation relates to Appraisal Services for the Anpetu Wi Wind Farm. 

What we are buying 


Project Development/Management Services 

SAGE is seeking to hire a qualified project development manager or project management firm to oversee and support the day-to-day project development and management activities of Anpetu Wi, LLC, a 235 MW project under development within the exterior boundaries of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation. 

The current status is attached as an addendum to this RFQ. Further information is available upon request. 

What we require of a supplier 

a. Track Record 

We are seeking suppliers that have demonstrable experience with project development and management of Anpetu Wi’s size and nature. Specifically, SAGE seeks professionals will the following experience. 

  • Experience in South Dakota/North Dakota preferred, but at a minimum experience working with projects within the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) regional transmission organization 
  • Experience in Indian Country and the Bureau of Indian Affairs 
  • Experience with the development of utility scale wind farm projects 

b. Capability 

We are seeking a supplier with the following competencies. 

  • Technical advisory support and, where applicable, management of third-party consultants as it relates to 5 primary areas of ongoing project development activities: o Wind studies/data analytics 
  • Lease option/lease securitization for turbines, transmission/distribution, and service road access activities 
  • Environmental/regulatory activities 
  • Transmission/distribution activities 
  • Interaction with potential long-term development and/or ownership partners 

c. Capacity 

We are seeking suppliers that have the internal capacity to dedicate a minimum of 30-40 hours or more a week of an individuals (or multiple individuals) time to advance the various project workstreams. 

d. Solution 

We are looking for suppliers that can deliver the referenced support over a minimum of 6 months or longer with the ultimate goal of getting the project to notice to proceed (NTP) status. 

e. Timeframe 

We are seeking suppliers that can engage with our ongoing efforts by the end of September, 2023, or sooner. 

f. Broader Outcomes (character of business) 

We are seeking suppliers that can demonstrate a commitment to energy justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

Key deliverables 


Indicative date for delivery* 

Complete turbine micrositing in conjunction with wind measurement team to optimize project energy output 

Ongoing through the contract term 

Work with SAGE to complete Lease option/lease securitization for turbines, transmission/distribution, and service road access activities 

Ongoing through the contract term 

Oversee third party consultants to advance environmental/regulatory activities 

Ongoing through the contract term 

Oversee the project’s transmission/distribution activities including working with third party engineering consultants and other stakeholders such as the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) 

Ongoing through the contract term 

Support interaction with potential long term owners and development partners 

Ongoing through the contract term 

*SAGE acknowledges the fluid nature of the work and encourages proposals that recognize and accommodate for the ebbs and flows of a development project of this nature. 

Contract term 

We expect that the Contract will commence March 2023. The anticipated Contract term and options to extend are: 



Initial term of the Contract 

Six months 

Options for us to extend the Contract 

Optional, at the discretion of SAGE 

Maximum term of the Contract 

One year 

Our Evaluation Approach 

This section sets out the Evaluation Approach that will be used to assess Quotes. 

Evaluation model 

The evaluation model is weighted attribute. This means the Quote that is capable of full delivery on time and scores the highest (applying the weightings for the criteria outlined below) will likely be selected as the Successful Respondent. 

All Quotes are evaluated using the evaluation model. Scores will assist in deciding the Successful Respondent(s), but ultimately the decision will be based on which Quote(s) we consider will provide the best overall public value. 

Evaluation Criteria 

We will evaluate Quotes according to the following criteria. 



1. Price 


2. Suitability of goods / service 


3. Capability of the Respondent to deliver 


4. Capacity of the Respondent to deliver 


5. Timeframe for Deliverables 


6. Broader Outcomes 


Total weightings 


Each evaluation criteria – price, suitability, capability, capacity, timeframe, and broader outcomes – will be scored on a scale of 0 to 10. Each evaluation criteria score will be multiplied by the applicable weight indicated in the section above. The weighted score will be summed for each response. 





Respondent demonstrates exceptional ability, understanding, experience and skills. Quote identifies factors that will offer potential added value, with supporting evidence. 



Respondent demonstrates above average ability, understanding, experience and skills. Quote identifies minor additional benefits, with supporting evidence. 



Respondent demonstrates the ability to meet the criteria, with supporting evidence. 



Satisfies a minimum of the criteria but not all. Reservations about the Respondent to adequately meet the criteria. Little supporting evidence. 



Extremely limited or no supporting evidence to meet the criteria. Minimum effort made to meet the criteria. 



Does not comply or meet the criteria at all. Insufficient information to demonstrate the criteria. 



If a Respondent offers a substantially lower price than other Quotes, we may make enquiries or require additional evidence to verify that the Respondent is capable of meeting all the Requirements and conditions of the Proposed Contract for the price quoted. 

Evaluation process and due diligence 

For preferred Respondents we will: 

  • Reference check the Respondent organization and named personnel 
  • Make other checks against the Respondent 
  • Interview Respondents 
  • Verify that the respondent does not appear on the Excluded Parties List on